Most Surprising Game of 2016


When I decided to tackle this list and give an award over to the Most Surprising Game of 2016, only one game really stood out in my mind….That game is:

Dragon Ball Fusions


Dragon Ball Fusions was a game that even as a die hard Dragon Ball fan I was uneasy and unsure whether or not to give it a try. First off, I wasn’t sure that the 3DS lended itself to a quality Dragon Ball game. Second, the premise of the game being based around playing as kids and going fusion seemed kinda lame. Lastly, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is actually a really good game and there’s no way in hell we could get 2 high quality Dragon Ball games in one year, yet alone only a month apart. Also, Fusions was supposed to come out originally in December and they moved the date into late November so I thought they were just trying to get it out like a throwaway.

Dragon Ball Fusions is an RPG more akin to a Pokemon game than a Xenoverse style game. The game has elements of an RTS like Fire Emblem but many qualities seem more similar to Pokemon than anything else.

Dragon Ball Fusions follows the story of your Create-a-Character as you end up in an alternate dimension with your Rival (Friend) in search for teammates to compete in the World Martial Arts tournament.

The standard cast of Dragon Ball characters from across DBZ, DB, and even GT can be found in game. From Bardock (Goku’s father) to Pan (Gohan’s daughter). The characters are what make the game. The game has the same Dragon Ball humor we’ve known to love over the years.

So while you are out there building your 5 man team you learn about the fusion technique that Goten and Trunks made famous in DBZ. It’s an ability that allows a multitude of characters to fuse with one another to build a better stat base. This is the main premise of the game. Like in Pokemon, when the aim is to ‘Catch em all’ Fusion is about getting other martial artists from the Dragon Ball universe to join your team.

You collect characters by fighting them in a battle and using a special move as the final K.O to then bring them over as an ally. This is the part of the game that leads you to play endless hours  just trying to get the perfect team.

I typically buy most games I’m interested in on launch yet Fusions was a game that I waited on out of fear of disappointment. I was the opposite of disappointed, I was enthralled by the game, it’s combat, the story and it’s hooks.

Dragon Ball Fusions is a game I never thought I’d play and yet here I am, 35+ hours in and I haven’t even finished the main story. The game has the hooks of Pokemon but the combat of Fire Emblem and I mean that in the best way possible.

If you own a 3DS AND love Dragon Ball be sure to pick this game up! If you do not own a 3DS but are a Dragon Ball fan than this is definitely a good reason to join #TeamHandheld.

This is what makes Dragon Ball Fusions my Most Surprising Game of 2016.

For more on Dragon Ball Fusions, keep it here on and keep a look out for my Dragon Ball Fusions review once I finish the main story.






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