The Nintendo Magic

I woke up this morning at 7:15am in a fit of joy, I felt like it was Christmas morning and I was back to being 10 years old waiting to run down the stairs and open presents. The only difference is, I’m 26 years old, and today is January 12th, a Thursday and I have a meeting at 8:30 am.

The Nintendo Switch announcement is tonight and I couldn’t be more excited to find out what’s in store for the Switch. That feeling I had this morning is what I (and many others) call ‘Nintendo Magic.’ Disney has it, Apple even has it, and Nintendo surely has it as well. It’s a feeling a brand or company gives off with a product that just makes you smile.

The Nintendo Magic has been around a long time and can mainly be found across it’s first party titles and surely with it’s console launches.

Nintendo Wii U had a poor performance this year but looking back at last fall I distinctly remember purchasing Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U and first turning the game on to play co-op with my brother and just smiling and laughing the entire time. Both of us, as young adults with full time jobs probably shouldn’t be enjoying a child’s game as much as we did but that’s Nintendo, that is Nintendo Magic at it’s purest.

When Nintendo does something and does it well you can feel the buzz in the air. The Wii U may have been a bust but even that console had it’s few Nintendo Magic moments, yet something about the Switch is giving off a vibe that Nintendo is back.

We haven’t even fully seen the product in action and I am already getting original Wii vibes about the console that, if you are lucky to get your hands on it on launch that is a blessing. My feeling is this console will sell out within minutes and you may not get one for 2 weeks, maybe even a month if you aren’t one of the lucky ones.

Nintendo just has this way about them, this aura, some of which may be nostalgia, creativity or just the way they can make people happy by thinking outside the box in gaming. I mean after all, if you didn’t know Mario and you heard of a game where an Italian plumber saves a princess from a giant dinosaur in a kingdom known as the “Mushroom Kingdom” you would think it’s a joke. Yet the way Nintendo invites you into it’s world is amazing.

Only Nintendo can create this aura around a product. I would never say a Mario or Zelda game gets me more excited than a new Fallout, Blizzard game or Halo but the emotion that starting up a Nintendo game elicits is different than the other 3 I mentioned.

It’s like when a new Pixar movie comes out, no matter what age you are or whats going on in life, the moment you sit in that theater and watch it just makes you happy to be there. That’s the magic. That’s what a Nintendo game and console release does to you.

Just look at this year, people LOST THEIR MINDS over the NES Classic edition. A console, that by all accounts can be found for cheaper, or crafted from a raspberry pie with more games but what Nintendo offered was something that made consumers go nuts. Obviously the shortage of consoles helped a bit with that but it still made grown men giddy over a 30 year old console.

Amiibo’s as well. These little bastards are just figurines that sort of (?) do things in Nintendo games were sold out within minutes. Personally, at one point I paid $50 for a Ness amiibo. People went NUTS over them. What separated them from other figurines? They were made by Nintendo.

You can see the overarching theme here, even when Nintendo is down in the dumps and in the midst of console failure in terms of the Wii U, they still find ways to make people smile and forget about the bad.

We are literally talking about a console announcement today. We aren’t talking about the release, or the day a big game drops, we are talking about Nintendo just saying “Hey, this is the Switch, this is what you can play on it.” Yet today as that same feeling Christmas morning used to give off. That same feeling you get popping in Yoshi’s Woolly World, and that same feeling I got when I ran home and opened up the Wii box and turned it on.

Nintendo makes a lot of horrendous mistakes (Pls just have online capabilities and party chat), yet a day like today is the exact reason why I’ll always come back. They just get it. You don’t get giddy when PS4 or Xbox One is announced. Of course you get excited for those consoles but Nintendo gives off that inner smile. That smile you didn’t even know was there..

I could be completely wrong about the Switch, it could be terrible, but for me to wake up on a random Thursday in January and be giddy about the ANNOUNCEMENT, not even the release of Nintendo’s next console shows something about the company and it’s magic.

Of course I will be live tweeting the whole conference and will have a blog up on Friday morning outlining what we saw:

You can watch the Switch reveal LIVE here:

and here:

I mean come on….watch this:








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