Nintendo Switch Accessories Revealed!


Nintendo Switch accessories are the latest Switch materials to be announced. Some of these prices may shock you, either way, let’s get into it.

  1. The Pro Controller – $69.99


2. Joy-Con 2 Packs (L/R) – $79.99


3. Joy-Con L or R (Single) – $49.99


4. Joy-Con Charging Grip – $29.99


5. Nintendo Switch Dock Set – $89.99


6. Joy-Con Wheel (2 Pack) – $14.99



Now, $50 for a single Joy-Con controller is a bit absurd. I get they have HD rumble functionality + the ability to work as a singular controller for some games but that is still a steep price, especially when compared to PS4 ($50) and Xbox One ($60). Xbox One at one point was even ridiculed for it’s “steep price” for a controller 0_O.

Nintendo coming in at $70 for it’s ‘pro’ controller is a even more steep than the Xbox which sucks because $50 just seems to make sense. Now something like myself, I’m looking to get the red set up Joy-Cons + a pro controller….I’m essentially looking at spending an additional $150!! On just controllers, which is a bit absurd. More than likely I’m now forced to wait on getting these.

It’s a bit of a shocking move coming from Nintendo, they always had the cheapest controllers and accessories so I think for a lot of consumers this will be new. Imagine a parent going to buy her kids the Red/Blue Joy-Cons and having to shell out $80, Momma ain’t gonna be too happy, I can tell you that much.

All in all I absolutely love the controller designs and the blue and red really pop off those neon controllers. The pro controller also looks like the best controller Nintendo has had since the gamecube era.



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