All Nintendo Console Launch Lineups!

For over 30 years Nintendo has been releasing home consoles. Below is a list of all the launch games that were available with each console. This is mainly here as note for Nintendo fans to not fret about the Switch launch. N64 launched with 2 games. Things turned out okay for that and I’m sure it will for the Switch.

Wii U had arguably the most games available at launch for a home Nintendo console yet it sold the worst. More launch titles doesn’t always = success.


Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

NES launched October 18, 1985 in the US

Launch Games:


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

SNES launched August 19, 1991

Launch Games:


Nintendo 64

N64 launched September 29, 1996

Launch Games:


Nintendo Gamecube

Gamecube launched November 18, 2001

Launch Games:


Nintendo Wii

Wii launched November 19, 2006

Launch Games:


Nintendo Wii U

Wii U launched November 18, 2012

Launch Games:


Nintendo Switch

Switch launches March 3, 2017

Launch Games:






3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy says:

    Say what you will about the Wii – it looks pretty sweet in that pic with the blue light in the disc opening

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Matt Mills says:

      Definitely! The black version looked sweet too with the blue light. I remember seeing that pic when it was called “The Revolution” and just thinking it was the coolest thing ever


      1. Andy says:

        That light was bright too. It would illuminate my entire living room when it had an update and would sit there pulsating.

        Liked by 1 person

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