For the 800th time this week we will be discussing the Nintendo Switch, this time however we’ll dive into my predictions from last Wednesday! Below I have listed out my predictions from my post predicting the Nintendo Switch announcement. Now it’s time to take a look and see what I got right, and what I got horribly wrong. In bold we’ll have what actually occurred. I’m going to do a point system to see how they went:

Max: 15 points

Half right: .5 points

Right: 1 point

  1. The Nintendo Switch will have 2 sku’s one at $250 and one at $300. The later will have more memory and a bonus game (Mario Kart 8 is my guess).

    Although the system is launching with 2 sku’s the only difference being color + no bonus game. .5pts

  2. The Switch will release on March 10th.

    March 3rd is the release date. Many people predicted end of March so at least the joke is on them. 0 points

  3. Zelda Breath of the Wild will be announced with a March 10th release as well.

    Breath of the Wild is a launch title, however I got the launch date wrong. .5 points

  4. The Switch will come with an updated version of either Splatoon or Smash 4.

    Updated version of Splatoon, yes, however this updated version is actually just a direct sequel. 0 points

  5. A new Mario game will be shown off and will release with the Switch. We all will then proceed to lose our collective minds.

    Maybe I’m biased but I did collectively lose my mind when I saw Mario in New Donk City swinging from lamp posts and jumping on taxi cabs like Spiderman. The game however is slated for holiday 2017. .5 points

  6. Nintendo will talk about dropping Friend Codes in favor of a standard user name set up (Like what Xbox has been doing since 2004).

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F I N A L L Y. 1 point. PROOF

  7. The Switch will have trophy/achievement like features. Still really don’t know about this one. Which really is unfortunate. 0 points
  8. The battery Life of the Switch away from dock will be ~5 hours.

    Eh, I’d say this one is right. The Switch’s battery life is between 3-6 hours. Nintendo says games like Zelda will hold for 3 hours, while a games like NES or SNES classic games can easily push the 6. 1 point

  9. The Switch will have SD memory and the cards will work similar to that of the gamecube.

    Yes? This is correct. I mean from what it seems is the console is launching with 32 gb or on board storage. You can then add storage through micro SD cards for saves. Hypothetically if you wanted to do the ole gamecube trick of “Hey, heres my memory card. Get your own” you could. 1 point

  10. New Sonic Game will be revealed as a Switch exclusive. Skyrim and 2 other 3rd party games will be released almost like what the Wii U offered at it’s launch with Mass Effect and Batman.

    Sadly this one fails to be true. Although Skyrim was announced it isn’t coming out till the fall. Sonic, on the other hand was shown but only Sonic Mania (which we’ve known about). Sonic 2017 (pending title) is still unannounced. Also, the Switch has a relatively weak launch lineup with few titles coming. 0 points.

  11. Rayman Rabbids will do something for the Switch for launch.

    WRONG. 0 points.

  12. Switch will launch with a fully stocked virtual console from Gamecube down to NES.

    We just don’t know. Still a dream. 0 points

  13. The home dock will work as intended. Upgrading graphics from 720 to 1080 and will improve -slightly- on performance.

    Yes? No? Maybe? I don’t know……can you repeat the question. It seems so. 1 point.

  14. You’ll have the ability to save to the SD card of your choosing or leave the save on the card it comes with (no discs, duh).

    Not sure you can leave the save on the card. I believe you can save on internal storage or on memory, not on card. 0 points.

  15. Lastly, this is my bold prediction, Nintendo will begin to charge for online services- $30-$40 a year and will include some Nintendo’s reward stuff. They will have dedicated party chats and messaging. There will be a Switch app for mobile at launch and ALTHOUGH THIS IS ALL WISHFUL THINKING I PRAY THAT THEY GET THE WHOLE INTERNET THING DOWN.

    “He’s heating up!!!!!” *Insert rap horn* All the way out of left field. My bold prediction comes true. Party chat (unfortunately through mobile) + messaging friends. A dedicated Switch mobile app + paying for online services. Even though we do not know the exact cost of the service, Nintendo has stated that they are in fact charging for it. 1 million points.

    5,000,005.5 points out of a possible 15. Not too shabby. How did you do on predicting the Switch announcement?

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