Nintendo Switch: Selling Point

When you think of the Nintendo Switch, don’t think of it as a home console that you can take on the go. Think of the Switch more as the 3DS successor.

When I think of growing up I think of a time where all I wanted was to be able to play my gameboy games on the big screen. I also remember a time where I would be told “Its time for dinner get off the consoles” or “Come on we have to go to your aunts, no more games!” when I’m in the middle of a world on Super Mario 64 and would have to leave the game paused till I returned. All my brother and I would dream of is to be able to take those console experiences on the go. We would dream of times where we could show our friends the world of Zelda: A Link to the Past on a big screen.

This runs at 60FPS 720 on a handheld

With the Switch we get the best of both those worlds. At this stage you have to be out of your mind to think that the Switch won’t phase out the 3DS. I think people also tend to forget that about the Switch. This isn’t just the new version of the Wii U that has portability. It’s going to replace the gameboy too.

The last time Zelda was on handheld looked like this

This means we SHOULD be looking at the next Bravely Default, Fire Emblem, 2D Mario, and Pokemon fully realized on a home console as well as a handheld. Take Pokemon for instance, imagine being at home playing the most powerful (graphically) Pokemon game on your 50 inch flat screen, then taking the same game on the go instantaneously. This gets me just as excited as playing Mario Odyssey on the big screen then playing this on the go.

Take Mario with you on trips to the big city

Not to mention the Switch is launching with Breath of the Wild, a game promised to be a completely open world RPG Zelda, it looks gorgeous, apparently plays well and now it can be played on the go. What a time to be alive. 10 year old Matt would KILL for this.

I understand the complaint however about the battery life, 6 hours or around 3 if you play a game like Zelda. It still isn’t that bad, I mean, typically when I play my 3DS I’m playing it within arms reach of a charger. Even on a plan or bus you are close to a charger. Add that to the fact that portable chargers are so cheap and can fully charge devices 2-3 even 4 times over and you can play the Switch anywhere with ease. Check out this Pokeball charger that can charge a phone 4 times over on a single charge

Keychain sized and can charge your Switch!

For everyone panicking about the Switch just know, if Nintendo has done one thing well over it’s 30+ year history, it’s handhelds. They dominate and know that market inside and out. We don’t know if the Switch will sell gangbusters like Wii or fall flat like Wii U, but we should find peace in the fact that you can finally play Mario Galaxy style games on the go and Fire Emblem games on a big screen.

The Switch isn’t replacing my Wii U or competing with my Xbox One or PS4. It is however replacing my 3DS and amping up everything about it, and that is something I cannot wait for.








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  1. Jason says:

    Super game boy. Used it all the time to play my gameboy pokemon on the “big” screen. I agree, I’d consider the switch a super hand-held.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Matt Mills says:

      Exactly! Super game boy then later on with the Gamecube having the adapter for GBA games too. It’s just going to be more seamless on the Switch transitioning from portable to TV experience.


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