NEW: AUDI partner with eSports Team Astralis

The German auto giants and Counter-Strike team Astralis are now partnered up. This is massive. This is great for eSports as a whole and more specifically Astralis, who themselves are looking as one of the favorites for the upcoming ELeague major that will be broadcasted on TBS.

Astralis, who is coming off 2nd place at ELeague season 2 and winners of the last major event of 2016 are in prime position, and arguably the favorites to win ELeague have now secured one of, if not, the biggest endemic sponsorships in eSports.

Audi will be on their jerseys and warmup gear. It’s unclear where else the Audi logo will be or if all the players will soon be riding around in R8’s. No matter which way you slice it, in 2017 we have already seen Adidas and now Audi partner up with top eSports organizations. Who will be next to partner up? It seems we will know more sooner rather than later as more top brands are getting in on the action.

ELeague begins this Sunday, January 22nd at 10am. You can watch Astralis play their first match against Godsent on

Who do you think will be the next major brand to throw their hat in the ring?






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