Paladins: Should you play it?

Paladins is a first person shooter, better known as a “hero shooter” in the vein of a Team fortress 2 or Overwatch that is in open beta on Steam and soon to be Xbox and PS4. Should you play it? Lets find out (Hint: Yes)


Paladins, at the time of this post offers 20 heroes for selection covering  4 roles, Attack, Support, Tank, and Flank. Right now there is a free to play version of Paladins which comes with only a handful of the 20 heroes and you have to use gold to “purchase” a new hero. The good news for players who want to try new champions is to get the proper amount of gold (5000) only takes a few matches. The paid version of the game goes for $20 and comes with all current and future champions as well as 10 loot chests.

Game Modes

The best way to compare Paladins is to Overwatch (sorry Paladins fans). It’s a game that pits 2 teams of 5 against each other in a “move the payload” type of game mode, as well as a game mode in which the 2 teams fight each other for the first point, than move the payload to the opposing teams base.


Proof is in the pudding

The main reason my friends and I decided to make the switch (Nintendo pun) over from Overwatch to Paladins is the way each champion has the potential to fill multiple roles. Overwatch, currently, is at a point where you play 3-4 tanks plus an Ana and  Lucio and that’s your team comp, that’s also your opponents team comp.


With Paladins you can have a healer, like Groover (Groot look alike), drop 50+ kills and heal for a ton, almost playing him as attack. You can hard carry a team if you are good enough by yourself. Where as in Overwatch you do need great team comp to stand a chance. Paladins is just a more friendly version of that. The time to kill is also something of note as you can stay alive much longer and also have your health heal overtime as opposed to looking for medkits.



I love the overall look of this game and add that to the fact that I can actually play this one on the go on my Crapple-book Pro (Looking at you Overwatch). The characters and their skins still leave a bit to desire, especially compared to a game like Overwatch. Each champion is unique, and has their own unique play style that I really find enjoyable about the title. I will agree with most that the issue plaguing these champions is no back story or lore really around them so you don’t have a strong connection with them.

P.S Bomb King is the best character in any hero shooter. Ever.


What makes Paladins Unique?

Paladins flips the script a bit in the hero shooter genre by adding an inventory select and a card system. The card system is how you customize your character loadout by building out a deck to improve things like health, cool downs, reload speed, abilities and more.


On top of customizing character loadouts, each match you earn credits during the match which allow you to purchase abilities that help against damage, increase damage to shield, more heals after a kill ect.

This adds to the game in a drastic way, it allows you to feel out the character for yourself and see how you typically play them. Than you can customize your loadout based on how you play to enhance the champion and have them fit your play-style. It’s refreshing to see this because even if you don’t like the champion right away it may be the way the loadout is that, once changed, will allow you to succeed with said champion.


Ranked Play

Although I can’t comment on how the competitive community is I still wanted to make a few points in its favor.

1. I love that you have to rank up 12 champions to a certain level in order to play ranked. This eliminates players that have 100’s of hours on one character than decide to try someone brand new in ranked. This way you instantly have 12 champions that you at least understand before playing competitive.

2. Once a champion is selected in ranked he or she no longer is available for selection for the opposing team. This eliminates an issue that is in Overwatch Currently, you have Reinhardt, Lucio, D.Va, Ana, Roadhog, all pretty much guaranteed on each team. Paladins takes that away from you by allowing only one of each on the field.

Like I said, I think these are neat ideas, I have no proof if they work or not in game currently.


So, Should you play it?

Yes. If you are a fan of Overwatch or any FPS I definitely suggest giving Paladins a shot, if anything because it’s free to play. It’s a refreshing face to an already crowded genre, however, Paladins is still young and still in its beta stage. Add that with the fact that it is developed by Hi-Rez Studios (Makers of Smite) so you know they will bring it in terms of support for the game and its competitive play.

I am a huge fan of these type of games, and think that Paladins is a real treat to play with your friends. I couldn’t recommend this game enough, definitely give it a shot! If you are on PC let me know and we can run some games!

Additional Notes

  • This isn’t meant to bash Overwatch. I just announced Overwatch as my Game of the Year 2016 and still plan on playing a ton of it. Overwatch is just the easiest game to compare this to.
  • Shout out to Hi-Rez studios, I really believe they do an incredible job of addressing the Paladins community and driving players to their other social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube by cross promoting on each



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