Paladins Update OB42: A New Champion Arrives!

In this latest update we get introduced to, not only a new champion, but some new balances and a new game mode!


Class: Front Line


  • [LMB] Gauntlet
    • A channeled beam of runic energy that locks on and deals 50 damage every 0.1s to a single target.
  • [RMB] Recharge
    • Regenerate 850 Shield Health per second for 2.5s. Channeling on an enemy Shield siphons 2000 Shield Health per second, regenerating your Shield.
  • [F] Runic blast
    • Shoot out a short range blast that silences and disarm enemies for 1.5s
  • [Q] Protection
    • Project a 2000 Health shield onto an ally for 2s.
  • [E] Hyper Beam
    • Unleash the latent power of your Gauntlet, channeling a blast that applies a massive kockback to all enemies for 2.35s


I like the idea of having a front line champion who’s main purpose is to mess with the opposing teams front line by stealing their shields and healing your own teammates. The Robin Hood of tanks, so to speak.

New PvE Gamemode

  • Available for casual queue.
  • 5 players take on enhanced enemy players.
  • Gold and Exp rewards apply.
  • Each week will feature a new mode, with new enemies to face.


On top of Torvald getting basic skins, Pip will get the ability to turn enemies into roosters, in honor of the Chinese new year.

Viktor has gotten, what I think, is the coolest skin in Paladins. The green army man skin.



Bomb King

  • Sticky Bomb
    • Minimum damage falloff decreased from 15% to 30% damage.
    • Explosion radius increased from 9 to 10.


  • General
    • Updated tooltip to describe Cassie being cc-immune in her ultimate.


  • Crippling Throw
    • Fixed an issue where this ability was applying twice the diminishing returns as intended.
  • Pickup
    • Fixed an issue where this card did not apply the intended values.


  • General
    • Mal’Damba can now only stun each enemy Champion once every 3 seconds.


  • Potion Launcher
    • Minimum damage falloff decreased from 15% to 35% damage.


  • Autorifle
    • Increased beginning accuracy.
    • Decreased ending accuracy.


  • Barrage
    • Reduced time taken to strike from 1s to .75s.

Cards: The cards you select for your loadout got an update

  • Hearthwarder
    • [Protection] Activating Protection grants you {100/200/300/400} Shield.
  • Livegiver
    • [Protection] Activating Protection heals you for {50/100/150/200}.
  • Timeshaper
    • [Protection] Reduce the cooldown of Protection by {.5/1/1.5/2}s.
  • Winddancer
    • [Protection] Protection grants {10/20/30/40}% Movement Speed to its target for 2s.
  • Arcane Etching
    • [Runic Blast] Activating Runic Blast grants you {100/200/300/400} Shield.
  • Infusion
    • [Runic Blast] Activating Runic Blast heals you for {50/100/150/200}.
  • Rune Torrent
    • [Runic Blast] Activating Runic Blast generates 4 ammo.
  • Scribe’s Wit
    • [Runic Blast] Reduce the Cooldown of Runic Blast by {1/2/3/4}s.
  • Conduction
    • [Recharge] Reduce the cooldown of Recharge by {.5/1/1.5/2}s.
  • Eldritch Speed
    • [Recharge] Gain {8/16/24/32}% Movement Speed during Recharge.
  • Induction
    • [Recharge] Recharge generates {2/4/6/8} ammo per second.
  • Vital Grasp
    • [Recharge] Recharge generates {5/10/15/20}% more shield.
  • Glyph of Freedom
    • [Armor] Reduce the duration of Crowd Control by {6/12/18/24}%.
  • Glyph of Health
    • [Armor] Increase your base maximum health by {150/300/450/600}.
  • Glyph of Siphoning
    • [Armor] Eliminations grant you {100/200/300/400} Shield.
  • Glyph of the Fist
    • [Weapon] Reduce reload speed by {5/10/15/20}%.
[H/T Reddit]

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