EPL: Arsenal 2 Burnley 1

I died yesterday. Heart attack right as the whistle blew. Arsenal 2 Burnley 1 doesn’t tell the full story  though.

Lets bring back an old favorite, ‘Inside the mind of an Arsenal supporter.’

First Half: Irrelevant

Start of the second half: Big second half coming up, Liverpool lost, United, City and Spurs all drew. Arsenal have a chance to climb up to 2nd in the table. However, currently, we’re tied nil nil with Burnley at home.

59th minute: Mustafi scores a deft header and we’re on top 1-0. Elation sets in as it seems we can now cruise to victory, secure the 3pts and move up to 2nd in the table.

64th minute: Literally 5 minutes later, Xhaka gets a straight red for the second time this season. Now, being up 1-0 I’m cautiously confident, it went from a nice relaxing Sunday to a stressful 30+ minutes left.

89th minute: It was tough to judge at this point if we were going to hold the win. Would have been crushed by a draw. We heard now that there’s going to be 7 minutes added. FFS, this just has disastor written all over it.

90 +2 minute: Andre Gray slots home a penalty for Burnley. 1-1. Weekend over. Time to eat tacobell and forget about sports for a while. Even though I just woke up, I’m already ready for a sad nap. I don’t know who to blame, the ref? Xhaka? Coquelin? Myself? So I did what anyone does, took to twitter.


90 +7 minutes: Pure joy. Penalty to Arsenal as Laurent gets kicked in the head. Alexis Sanchez paneka played on replay for the rest of the day. I died, and then 5 minutes later I had risen. Arsenal bagged the 3 pts and we moved up to second in the table.

This is what being an Arsenal supporter is like. You’ll hate your life and be depressed for half a match than seconds before you think its over, you end up with the best day ever after a late winner.

My heart may not survive this whole season. Southampton in the FA Cup away this Saturday followed by Watford at home on Tuesday. 8 points off the leaders. Here. We. Go.












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