The ELeague Major Production is INSANE!!

This is what happens when TV companies get involved in eSports.

Now I’m a massive Counter-strike fan. I love (not so much now) playing the game as well as watching. From a viewership standpoint it’s one of the easier eSports games to follow. Unfortunately for other eSports, Counter-Strike and more importantly ELeague have set the bar so high that I don’t even know how others can content with their production value.


I understand they are backed by Turner but the way they are set up, the analysts they have, slide transitions, player profiles, stats, everything is on a whole other level.

I have been glued to my monitor, phone, TV, whatever in order to watch Eleague. The stage is gorgeous and even the minor details like having player names on the sides of the monitors make it so easy for average viewers to watch.


That’s really the key, the ELeague major was made for anyone to watch. Take Call of Duty for instance, when I tune in, (as a fan of the eSport) and hear casters screaming their heads off at nothing and having no clue who’s doing good or whats going on, it becomes hard for me to tell a casual fan to give it a watch.


That’s why we need to give a shoutout to ALL the ELeague commentators and analysts because without them this would be nothing. They do a fantastic job of explaining the situations and how a round or game may play out all while sprinkling tid bits of interesting information. This gives hardcore fans, like myself, as well as casual fans an easy watch.


The stat roll outs that they have going on ELeague are incredible to, provided by HLTV, they give you almost a Hoops Hype (For NBA) amount of information.

HLTV Stats on ELeague

On top of making the stats easy to read and easy to find, ELeague and valve are producing player profiles, which are truly incredible. Just watch this one below about ColdZera:

These videos give you insight on what it’s like for a pro player, growing up, and fulfilling their dreams of actually going pro and what obstacles stood in their way.

Right now, the viewership is around 500K and it’s not even noon on a Wednesday. It’s going to be exciting to see, as the week gets longer what the viewership is like over the weekend when the knockout stages take place.

If you aren’t a fan of eSports, or Counter-strike I would still suggest you tune in and give it a shot. It’s the best production I’ve seen from an eSport and honestly it’s produces better than a lot fo your standard ESPN NFL crap you see on TV.

Watch here:

ELeague will be going all week and weekend long. Tune in and let me know your thoughts!

If you don’t feel like watching live watch this:







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