ELeague Major: Playoffs are | Watch LIVE on TV

The quarter final draw is now set for the CS:Go $1,000,000 major tournament in Atlanta.

C3EVrfwXgAE5V7t.jpg large.jpg

Well, there it is. Lets break it down and pick the winners and losers. Now a reminder to all who are unfamiliar with the major format, it’s a best of 3 series, meaning the winner has to win 2 out of 3 to move on.

Also, all 8 teams that have made it this far in the tournament receive “Legends status,” meaning, they now automatically qualify for the next major and will not have to win to get in. Also a nice added perk.

Match 1: Na’Vi vs. Astralis

This one is going to be insanity. To give you a little insight into this match just understand this: Astralis are arguably the best team in the world currently and were the favorites going into the tournament. Na’Vi are the clear favorites right now and are just demolishing their opponents.

This match will be a slug fest to the highest proportion. Honestly, it’s a bit of a shame we are getting this match at 10am on Friday as opposed to prime time on Sunday in the finals. What a way to start the quarter finals off though. This match is must watch CS to the highest.

Prediction: Na’Vi….I’m not sure they can be stopped

Match 2: Fnatic vs. Gambit

Funny how we go from the 2 best playing each other in the quarters to arguably the 2 worst teams to make it to the quarters. This one will be a slug fest as well but not the same way Na’Vi v Astralis will be the CS master class match up. Will a rejuvenated Olof lead them to the semis? Either way, this match up seems destined to play the perpetual winner of the major (cough cough, Na’Vi or Astralis) regardless.

Prediction: Fnatic (Don’t let your dreams just be dreams)

Match 3: Virtus Pro vs. North

This should be a fun one. VP, another tournament favorite going up against the ex Dignitas team, that had to call their way back from being 0-2 down to qualify. VP have been looking pretty sharp and I see no reason why we won’t get the semi-final match we want.

Prediction VP

Match 4: Sk Gaming vs. FaZe

I would like to see SK take this one. SK have been playing with a stand in (Fox) for this tournament and aside from a rough patch early on they have done well, especially beating Astralis on D2. I look for them to set up an enticing match up of SK v. VP to see who plays Na’Vi in the finals lul

Prediction: SK

So how it breaks down is quarters are played on Friday, Semis on Saturday, Sunday is the grand final. All of which are Bo3. Even if you are not an avid CS fan, as I mentioned yesterday  the production of this tournament is enough on its own to tune in. Either way the semis and finals will be played LIVE on TBS. Be sure to hit up your local Buffalo Wild Wings for some matches!!








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