FA Cup: Arsenal 5 Southampton 0


Arsenal secure their spot in the 5th round of the FA Cup after a 5 nil rout at Southampton. Southampton have always been a tricky team for the Gunners to play against, so after Wenger announced the starting eleven those fears became realized. How can we start with a midfield 3 of Oxlade-Chamberlin, Matlind-Niles, and the JEFF? Well, the short answer is, really really good.

Arsenal had control of the match from the jump and after a first half brace by Welbeck, Arsenal were then able to cruise. Walcott did Welbeck one better by securing a hat trick for the gunners.

Quality win at that, glad to see the midfield work well. Really enjoyed the Ox as a deep lying midfielder, we’ll see if that sticks. Welbeck will be massive for the title race. Still….


He’s been brilliant every time he’s been on the pitch

All in all, next up in this busy week is Watford at home, followed up by Chelsea away on the weekend.

Sutton away is the draw in the next round of the FA Cup.

*Editors note: I know it’s called the Emirates Cup but it will always be known as the FA Cup in my eyes









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  1. Thrilling win for Gunners, they were unstoppable, irresistible and ruthless but let’s just hope that they can replicate that against Chelsea!


    1. Matt Mills says:

      Indeed! Shame we didn’t bring the intensity against Watford and at home nonetheless. Need 3pts against Chelsea!

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