Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Pricing!


We now have some insight on Nintendo’s new online subscription in terms of it’s cost. This is a breath of fresh air as we finally have some new information on the subscription.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has indicated to Japanese publication Nikkei that the online service will cost 2,000 – 3,000 yen annually. That translates to $17.62-$26.44.

Sign me up! This was going to be my limit anyways, as someone who pays ~$60 a year for both Playstation and Xbox, I’m glad to see Nintendo coming in ~$20 a year.

I am also coming around on Nintendo’s decision to give one free SNES or NES game each month and then taking it away at the end of said month. Hearing now that each game will have online capablities plus leaderboards really makes the games enticing to go back to. Typically with a service like PS+ or Xbox Gold, I will download the games then never play them. Aside from a game like Rocket League or an Xbox 360 classic that I had nostalgia for, I never play or care about the free games Xbox and PS give out.

Let’s say the month of march provides us with Mario 3 with leaderboards or SNES mario cart, could you imagine the fun of playing old school Mario Kart with your buddies ONLINE? Heaven. Well, aside from the fact that you’ll need to use your cell phone for party chat…ANYWAY. This all sounds like good news, give me $20-25 per year and you got yourself a deal Ninty












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