Destiny 2 “Leak”

Here we are. I told myself it wouldn’t come to this…


It’s about that time of the year where a new Destiny leak occurs. Before we discuss the leak let me give you a brief rundown of Destiny and my history with the franchise. I’ve probably poured around 30 days of playtime into the game over the last 3 years, I love it. I think overall it’s a fantastic game, raids, strikes, PVP, loot & lore, what more do you need? Yes, there were downs but mostly it was a great experience.

After Rise of Iron, the latest expansion that came out this past September I became burnt out. The game, although vast, did not really change from year 1 to 3, obviously they went through their issues at Bungie during those times but the core experience never changed. Which meant we were looking at the same graphics, 30fps, dated controls ect for a while. The FPS really threw me each time I’d play Halo 5 or Overwatch then play Destiny PvP.

I decided in October I wouldn’t touch the game till next fall…I thought I quit my addiction. Now we have the “Age of Triumph” which launches next Tuesday 3/28 with ALL game content being leveled up to it’s current light system. On top of that a new chance to get another T-Shirt, and one more chance to give Destiny the viking funeral it deserves.

Destiny 2 promises to do a full character wipe from the first game, which also added to my desire to not play until 2 comes out. With Age of Triumph and Destiny 2 info leaking my H Y P E levels are rising.

Now today… we have our first Destiny 2 leak. September 8th is it’s alleged release date with apparently a Beta coming this summer and this poster:


And so it begins…






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