In less than a half hour Player Unknown’s battlegrounds will be released on Steam Early Access. In less than an hour the servers will crash…just kidding! (hopefully).

If you are a fan of Battle Royale style games (H1Z1, Day-Z) than this game is right in your wheel house. Having been apart of the closed beta I can safely say this game is brilliant. Yes, there are bugs….yes, the game is nowhere near optimized…but there’s something about this game that keeps me coming back for more.

I don’t want to sit here and compare it to H1Z1 because after playing battlegrounds each weekend then H1 during the weeks they are very different play styles, so instead I will discuss what makes battlegrounds so appealing.


Battlegrounds has a pretty deep weapon pool. You have a SCAR, AK, M16, M4 for Assualt Rifles. A UMP and UZI for sub machine guns then several variants of Pistols, Snipers, Shotguns and Melee Weapons. Where these weapons excel is through customization options. You can find scopes, grips, extended mags, ect to make sure the weapon set is right for you.


The vehicle usage in battlegrounds has been good so far. I enjoy the fact that vehicles are more used to get from one side of the map to the next instead of a combat role like H1. The vehicles hinder your play more than they help which makes sense as the game is about combat not cars.


Right now there’s only one map to play on but I love the size of it and the fact that you choose where you want to land. There’s no random drops and this also makes playing with a team more enjoyable as you can navigate to certain areas of the map as a unit or divide and conquer.


The games last long, it’s way more methodical than other battle royale games. This is because the maps are generally big so it gives you the option of picking out a section of the map and looting it yourself before making your way to gun fights. Or you can land in popular landing zones where others would be and take the gun fights straight to them.

During my 3 weeks with the game I played a majority of squad battles with friends and it was brilliant. Being able to revive teammates is a massive boost, spectating mode makes it so you still feel somewhat invested in watching your teammates finish out a game.


If you ever wanted to get into a battle royale game or are an avid fan looking for something new to play than this game is for you. It’s a lot of fun, especially with a group and I think (at this point in time) is more accessible to play than a game like H1 for new comers.

You can buy the game here for $30.00:

Just an FYI: The game is just entering early access so don’t expect it to be polished. The dev team has stated that optimization is a must right away for the game so changes should happen soon on that front.

Fan of Battle Royale games?  Will you be getting Battlegrounds?




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