Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds hit Steam Early Access yesterday morning and I was fortunate to hop on after work yesterday and play some squads with my friends.

I should note all 4 of us had been in the closed beta so yesterday wasn’t our first experience with the game.

This was our second game of the night, as per usual, we come flying in and land a bit spaced out. After raiding a town we are still somewhat low on weapons and armor. We make our way to a new town and found a car and began to raid. We ended up with a few snipers now and a couple scopes.

On our way to the next town we decided to take the car, as we drive up on the town another team pulls in at the same time. Our driver, Dale Earnhardt, ended up running over their driver as they got out the car and thus the killing began.

After grabbing more guns we made our way to the final zone with ~30 players left. The final zone was a hill and we had to win several gun fights right away to get towards the top.

The gun fights were intense. You keep looking around for an opponent as you watch the numbers dwindle. Being on a hill it was difficult to find good spots to hide out in or spots to heal. After healing a few times we were able to loot bodies and work on controlling the top.

As the circle shrinks and the numbers lessen you realize the beauty of a battle royale game. At first they are about gathering, you loot and make sure you are well equipped for the finale. At the end it’s a combination of everything you’ve done throughout the game, now the circle is shrinking, enemies are getting closer, your watching all sides and monitoring the situation.

As we reach the final 8 players (Including our 4) I ended up dying, which in a way, benefited my team as they were able to take med kits and ammo and I could monitor their health and angles. We pulled out the final few kills and took the win. Day one.

Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner.

It’s such an entertaining game with a great flow in combat and looting. When you reach the final few people your heart starts POUNDING and it’s honestly a feeling you would never expect or understand till your in that situation.

Battlegrounds is a unique game that plays with all aspects you enjoy with gaming, mental, physical, reactionary and lastly, luck.

One win down, one day down. More to come!

Playing Battlegrounds? Comment down below on how you like it!


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