Nintendo to Double Production of Switch Console

According the reports Nintendo is doubling down on it’s production of the Switch. The original projection from Nintendo was 8million consoles shipped by the years end, which has now been doubled to 16 million.

The Wii U, which had around a 4 year life cycle (goodbye my friend), has sold LTD 13.87 million units. This is why the Switch shipping 16 million before the end of 2017 is massive. Now obviously shipped vs. sold is slightly different but they wouldn’t double down production if the demand wasn’t present. To this day (3/23/17), I still have people telling me they can’t find a Switch in stock.


After the marketing mess that was the Wii U it was rather wise of Nintendo to low ball their sales data for the Switch. These new numbers (if they hit) will put it on par with the Wii in terms of year 1 sales. Many general consumers view the Switch as the successor to the Wii and don’t even realize there was a Wii U.

One can only hope that with this launch + having a gaming marvel at launch that we will continue to see great games published throughout year. This is a strong start and if the Switch can eclipse Wii U’s dreadful 13.8 million TOTAL units sold within it’s first year in market things will really be looking up for Nintendo.

Wii Who?

Sorry….I will see myself out.


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