2017 Halo World Championship

OpTic Gaming are your 2017 Halo World Champions, for the second year in a row! OpTic, then CLG, won the first Halo Worlds  last year than again this year.

OpTic won a thriller (at least the first 3 matches) over Team EnVyUs 4-0.


Unfortunately the headlines all weekend weren’t about the stellar gameplay we witnessed, or the fact that OpTic was going for a repeat, or the fact that many teams have improved drastically since the last HWC allowing the competition and gameplay to reign supreme.

The headlines this weekend were about the lack of a crowd. In general, for a tournament of this stature the lack of an arena in general, lack of hype, buzz, and overall marketing from Microsoft or 343 was startling.

I will have a piece out later this week addressing just how disheartening this was for me as someone who has been watching Halo since the early days. To see the super bowl of Halo belittled and placed in ESL studios and have players compete for a million dollars in a goddamn tent with 3 rows of metal bleachers is sickening.

C74AMDmV4AAyYQ-.jpg large

Halo deserves better. It’s fans deserve better. The players DESERVE better.

Once again though, congratulations to OpTic Gaming on winning the tournament and for doing it back to back years. Is it finally time to crown this team as a top 3 of all time?










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