Dollar, dollar, bills ya’ll. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds made 11 million dollars in it’s opening weekend on Steam Early Access.

Battlegrounds, which goes for $29.99 on steam has been cleaning up the Twitch live streaming charts each of the past few weekends it’s been in closed beta. After it’s launch you saw it surpass League of Legends for a majority of the weekend with viewership around 150,000 concurrent onlookers.

Battlegrounds had a quick build up with it’s closed beta and thanks to Battlegrounds willingness to listen to player feedback and make swift changes when needed for the game we’ve seen it over take H1Z1 as the number one battle royale game out at the moment.

When more information comes out about the opening week statistics I will be sure to share. Congrats to quite the start, hope to continue to see Battlegrounds at the top of both Twitch and Steam alike for months to come.

Something of note, as of now you cannot purchase crates on your own so of the $11 million that BG has brought it, that is all strictly from people purchasing the game itself. Well done.

How was your opening weekend in Battlegrounds? Comment below with win counts.


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