Saw this on Kotaku and thought this was interesting. Could it hit game preview for Xbox users in a couple months? That would be nice, as of now it seems the dev team has begun testing on there.

Battlegrounds producer Chang-han Kim reportedly told Inven, “There is something called ‘Game Preview’ on Xbox One. It’s like Early Access for Xbox. We have the game running on that and are in process of polishing it. For the release, we’ll both release it on PlayStation and Xbox.”

I have a bunch of friends who strictly play console games, so each time I try and explain or show them battle royale style games they instantly become interested. At the moment there just isn’t any available on console, so if Battlegrounds can be the first it can be a monster in the console space. Plus I’m always interested in what the controls for these type of games with a game pad would be like.



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