Mass Effect Andromeda: First Impressions

It’s a mess but it is still Mass Effect

I really didn’t want to write this piece today but as I sit here watching the Arsenal match it got me thinking… At this point and time I don’t want to watch the Arsenal match but feel I need to, as a dedicated supporter. With writing my Mass Effect impressions, and my overall feelings while playing the game, I went from wanting to, to needing to just for the sake of fan hood.

So here we go…

Look, I love the Mass Effect franchise, it’s fantastic, yet something about this game feels off.


Combat wise, we’re looking at a game that has improved over Mass Effect 3 and it plays very well. Using the new J.U.M.P system allows your character to shoot up in the air then use a dash which makes both traversal and combat more enjoyable and faster than in previous games.

The dialogue wheel reminds you why you love this franchise. The game has you on edge when giving a response (although sometimes they don’t respond the way you expected it to be). The choices leave you always wondering what part of the story your decision might affect. These moments are the ones that remind me why I hold this franchise so near to my heart.

The exploration for me is more of the same which we can leave in the category of “good.”

Okay now that the good is out the way…


The story just feels bleh, it almost feels like it was forced upon us. A whole new galaxy, yet we’re essentially running through the same story as Mass Effect 1. Also, only 2 new races? We’re in a new galaxy ffs.

The facial animations (for me) aren’t as bad as people say but they do take you out of the moments. This led me to half pay attention to the story as I try and wonder why my character is looking in the complete wrong direction.

The characters just aren’t the same lovable crew as they were in the original trilogy (including your character). Shepard from the original series was a legend, whilst your new character Ryder is just kind of shoved into a role of greatness, which led me to not feel as passionate about my character.

The menu system is shambolic and jumping from quest to quest is almost counter intuitive.


Look, it’s not THAT bad. It’s just not good either. Yesterday Bioware came out and laid out a road map. Which at the time of writing about it I was excited. However, the more I think about it the more sad I get.

Bioware has essentially came out and said “hey, we shipped a broken game but we’re fixing it over the course of the next few months.” Now I find myself saying “should I even finish it now?” I mean what’s the point in continuing my journey if they are promising a better game by the time June rolls around. It’s just odd, did they think that maybe people weren’t going to complain about the game? Like they could just slip it past consumers.

At this point I feel like a bit of a fool because I bought the game day 1. I saw the reviews and posts and still got it. This is the main reason that these types of things keep happening in games. We, the consumers, continue to purchase these games either knowing that they are looking shotty or after seeing reviews that say “hey, maybe hold off on this one.” We give ourselves a false sense of trust with the developers that they have our backs, but who ends up wasting the $60 on a game? We do.

Should you buy Mass Effect Andromeda?

I would say hold off for now. Even for the most die heart of fans, just wait it out. Where a game like Zelda: Breath of the Wild has you debating buying a new $300 console for one game, Mass Effect is quite the opposite. As Bioware promises new updates to story, animations, and gameplay I would say wait for a few of these patches to hit















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