Hot off the presses, it’s the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds patch notes. Glad to see the audio being worked on as well as the rubber banding. The struggle was real last week!

Daily updates, to improve server performance.
Weekly updates, to push bug fixes & client performance and stability fixes.
Monthly updates, to add new content and push balance passes for game-play.

Client Optimization

We will push our first client optimization patch in our monthly update later this month. We understand some of you are not having the best experience when playing the game, and we are committed to improving performance for all players, but the optimization process takes time, so please bear with us as we complete it.


As we work on the sound system in-game, there may be unforeseen issues due to changes we make at a low level. One of these, which a lot of you reported, was footstep sounds. This issue occurred due to our adding of an occlusion system to footstep sounds. Due to a miscalculation of how much these sounds would be occluded, footsteps ended up being very hard to hear. This has now been fixed, and with the new occlusion system it should be much easier for you to track a player’s movement using sound alone.

Regarding where you are being shot from, we are looking into why this is a problem for some of you, and we will continue to push updates and improvements to these systems!

Server Performance

We are very aware of the issues you have seen on our servers over the last week, and we have been working hard to resolve them. Simply put, this is not any issue with the number of servers we have for players, but rather it is down to the optimization of the server code.

Over the last week, we rolled out daily updates to the servers to improve profiling of optimization bottlenecks and yesterday these actions finally paid off! We found a issue within the Unreal Engine core code, which led the server to believe that it was being DDoS’ed due to the number of packets being sent between the clients and the server. When this detection was triggered on the server, it would drop 90% of packets received resulting in the lag/rubberbanding seen over the past week. We pushed a hotfix to the servers earlier today which should resolve these issues. We will continue to push daily updates to the servers to further improve both stability and performance.

Now onto what we have updated for this week’s patch.

Early Access – Week 2 – Patch Notes

Performance Improvements

  • Client performances have improved when loading buildings from a mid-distance
  • Server performance has been improved


  • Fixed the issue that was causing buildings from a long distance to not be visible


  • Fixed an issue with door sounds playing at low volume
  • Adjusted volume of wind, rain, and footsteps
  • Improved the sounds for the buggy
  • When in rainy weather, you will now sporadically hear thunder sounds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to hide and attack other players from inside a rock
  • Applied additional fixes to address the issue of players going under the map in certain areas
  • Fixed several issues with weapon switching
  • Fixed an issue with the compass direction not displaying correctly

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