What a glorious day to be a console gamer. Scuf gaming has announced it’s brand new Playstation/PC controller called the “Impact.” *Disclaimer- I am totally biased when it comes to Scuf controllers, I have been using them for about 4 years now and think they are undoubtedly the best controller on the market aside from a mouse and keyboard.

What separates Scuf from the rest are the paddles, Scuf controllers have paddles on the back to allow you to continue with the flow of your game without having to take a hand off the joystick to press a button. The main benefit to Scuf’s is used during console shooters but many find value while playing other genres of games.

The impact has taken the traditional Scuf 4PS controller and flipped it on it’s head. The controller now almost looks like the G.O.A.T controller (Xbox 360…the greatest controller ever), and now offers the option of a wired or bluetooth connection while playing, plus, the added bonus of having trigger stops (never before on PS4), as well as detachable paddles and the option to have 4 paddles instead of 2.

This controller IS hype. I own 2 Scuf’s on PS4 already and am really tempted to get this one as well. Now I must say as great as a Scuf controller is it will cost you a pretty penny. Scuf controllers are HIGH END controllers, and the impact might be the top tier. As I was on Scuf’s site messing around with some builds my standard price was coming in around $225 including shipping. If you want all the bells and whistles you’ll surely be looking closer to $300 for everything.

However, if you are big into console gaming, a Scuf controller is a must own especially if you play competitive shooters.

Learn more at


Here’s the trailer Scuf released today. Will you be picking one up?


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