Full Speed. All Momentum. The Blue Blur

I’m excited about a new Sonic game.

7 words I never knew we’d combine into a sentence in 2017.

Sonic Forces has been announced and gameplay has been revealed. Not much else from that has been shown but the gameplay that we’ve seen has me cautiously optimistic that the speedy blue hedgehog is on his way back to greener pastures.

Green Hill Zone Gameplay:




What excites me about this game is it seems like this year, 2017, SEGA is taking it’s final stand with Sonic as a character. With the release of Forces + Sonic Mania, due out this summer, SEGA is poised to not only take this final stand but succeed and rebuild through it.

We’re still early on and the game could still end up like many of Sonic’s games in the 2000’s and be utter trash but there seems to be hope. What has weighed Sonic down over the years is the inability to take what makes sonic games fun (SPEED) and evolve on it and bring it to the current generation in games.

When Sonic is at his best, you are running full speed, jumping, hitting enemies, all in one motion. When Sonic is at it’s worst is when you are slowed down and trudging along awkwardly. Hopefully with Forces we’ll get a 3D game that gives us Sonic at full speed and doesn’t completely suck.

Another thing I also never thought I’d see…..We’re getting a new MARIO and SONIC game in 2017 plus the Crash games and Yooke-Laylee (Banjo Kazoie). Mascot Wars II?


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