Nintendo announces the NEW 2DS XL

So I’m scrolling through Twitter at 9:45 last night and what do I see? Nintendo has announced the NEW 2DS XL. I had to rewatch the video.

Okay, so it is real. The new 2DS will launch today for a grand ole price of $150. It will have the same features as the new 3DS XL that launched in 2015, including the “c” nub.

Now this is quite the play by Nintendo. This is their answer to saying “hey, we’re not dead yet on handhelds.” Now if you’ve read my post in the past about the Switch replacing the 3DS more than it replaces the Wii U, you’d see how Nintendo is positioning the Switch (at least for now).

Nintendo wants the Switch to be it’s home console that you can take on the go. A majority of the general public, including myself, looks at the Switch as a handheld that you can play on the TV. Nintendo wants that mantra gone, they had a Nintendo direct 2 weeks ago announcing a plethora of new 3DS/2DS games. Now, with the announced of a ‘new’ 2DS, Nintendo is firmly drawing the line in the sand about the Switch being a home console first, and their handheld market being relevant still.

With games like Pikman and Fire Emblem still to come on the 3DS/2DS and the 2DS just launching, Nintendo has now bought themselves at least an extra year or 2 with their handheld baby.

Honestly, the new 2DS XL looks fantastic. If this came out at the same time as the new 3DS XL I would have definitely gone for the 2DS.


Should you buy it? If you haven’t hopped on the 3DS train yet and need something to play on the go and don’t already own the Switch than sure. If you don’t fall in that category than you should be good to skip this one.







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