Call of Duty Remastered coming to console in July! [Leak]

Wait what?

Oh right right….Call of Duty Remastered is FINALLY getting a solo release. As of this moment, the only way to get Call of Duty Remastered is by buying Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (aka a pile of garbage).

The game was ultimately held back from it’s own disc based release to help move copies of Infinite Warfare. This doesn’t come as a surprise that the game will be available for purchase, we just never knew when and now it seems like GameFly (of all places) is the one leaking this information.

On GameFly’s website, they have Call of Duty MWR listed with a July 20th release date. I believe this to be a true and a perfect time to release. Call of Duty, typically gets boring to play come the summer months and there’s a lull between iteration switches. CoD MWR will be perfect to satisfy the masses until CoD WWII releases in November.

There’s a lot of people out there (myself included) that didn’t buy Infinite Warfare but would have surely bought MWR if it was sold separately. It’s good to finally know when that day may be.

Mark your calendar b o y z!


P.S: It’s going to be hilarious when they charge $60 for this game. Just wait.


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