Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review [Early Impressions]

Mario Kart 8D (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) is out now worldwide, and if sales have any indication on how this game is, it’s in a very good place. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, as outlined in my preview, is a proper addition to the series and the definitive way to play Mario Kart.


Mario Kart 8D has everything you would want out of a Mario kart game. A proper battle mode is back, 12 cups (48 tracks), 42 total characters, customization options, online place, all in one package. The game is as deep as it gets.

What gives Mario Kart 8D an added bonus over the standard Mario Kart 8 is it’s ability to be taken on the road. I was on a road trip on Sunday for a 4 hour drive, and I was able to game Mario Kart 8D the entire time. The most amazing part, and still the most breathtaking part about the Switch is how GORGEOUS these games look on handheld. Mario Kart 8D looks the same on handheld as it does on a TV, add that to the fact that it runs at 60fps the entire time and it’s a sight to see.


Only 2 major issues stand out to me about the game, 1 is smart steering always being on and you have to manually turn it off each time you switch CC’s. I thought I was having joy-con issues the other day till I realized it was smart steering. Although smart steering is a welcomed addition for younger players, smart steering doesn’t allow you to take advantage of short cuts and off roading it will steer you clear of any possible danger areas.

My other issue is with online play. When docked I have no real issues connecting to matches and playing besides a few small hitches. However, in handheld mode my game has frozen up each time I try and load up a lobby. This is frustrating and also an overall concern that Nintendo’s network is still, to be blunt, a dumpster fire. I hope they figure out a way to fix this, otherwise Nintendo charging ~$20 for shotty online play becomes risky.

Should you buy it?

Yes, 1000 times over. This game is the only Mario Kart game you need. Have a few friends with Switches? You can hop right into battle mode or races with each other. Single player wise it’s the Mario Kart we’ve come to love, only prettier, and deeper in terms of in game content and courses. If you own a Switch this is a must own game, especially since by now you’ve probably beaten Zelda and are looking for that next Nintendo first party fix.

Buy this game.






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