[EPL] Arsenal 2 Manchester United 0


Isn’t this just the best


Anytime you have a chance to see that type of face at the end of a match, you know you did the world a favor. Now yes, this is the first time in a meaningful match that Arsenal have beat a Jose Mourinho side (an average one at that) but it still felt GREAT.

This season has been SHIT, that I cannot lie about. In February, due to work, I spent the entire month in Europe and was kept away from blogging about Arsenal matches which then lead to me putting an end to that portion of my site.

HOWEVER, after beating a Jose Mourinho led Manchester United at the Emirates on Sunday just rejuvenated me. So lets get into the result.

After a bore of a first half which saw Aaron Ramsey and Wayne Rooney with the best chances for each team we went into the half at 0-0. At this point I was assuming that the bus would be parked and that’s just how the final 45 would go. Which was true. Till Ander Herrera decided to hide from a Granit Xhaka boomshakalaka and it ricochet into the back of the net and opened the match up in the 54th.

Welbeck added a second not long after (57 min) and the rest was history. Arsenal 2 Man United 0.

Now to the question at hand and why I stopped talking about Arsenal Football Club on my site. The main reason is the way everything is unfolding in 2017 with the club. The manager is still yet to come to a decision on if he’s staying or going, which is bottle necking the club that he loves.

The board is a waste and will not say anything in regards to the situation and remain humdrum about the whole subject going into a massive summer.

My 3rd reason is simple….it’s tiring. I left on holiday in Feb 2016 to Europe and watched Arsenal beat Leciester at home (yes that match) and then proceeded to watch them flame out of the Champs league and faulter in the premier league. This season is no different and the ones before that are strikingly similiar. It’s all too similar.

It’s sickeningly similar each and every season to the point that I may just write all the blog posts for February once the fixtures are announced. With Wenger around at this point it’s just a given.

I love Arsene Wenger but like many others I see the need for change. I understand that with change could come more L’s than W’s but at this point I’ll take anything that isn’t a round of 16 exit and a couple losses and a draw in the EPL to secure us fighting for fourth instead of first in the league.

This summer is also going to be massive and it all depends on what Arsene decides to do. That’s what I was waiting for and then I was going to start writing about the club again. A victory over Jose changed that thought but the facts remain…we’re a groundhog day club and even this change to 3 at the back isn’t going to save Wenger and his men.

An FA Cup final is a plus and I cannot wait for that. All eyes are still on Mr. Wenger and what his plans are.


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