After surpassing 2 million copies sold, Player Unknown Battlegrounds is not going to let this hype train come to a halt. Bluepoint (developer of BG) is looking to ramp up and is adding is experimenting with a few new things like weather mechanics and maps….yes maps.

Gameinformer in it’s latest issue speaks to the battlegrounds team about the game and were even provided with a cheeky little screen shot:

Here’s a better shot of the map:

C-2KldpXoAArR1q.jpg large.jpg

On top of a few new maps we’re talking about weather mechanics like snow, fog, evening and early mornings. I’d expect to see weather updates at the end of May during the big Month 2 update. Here’s a pic of what fog would look like:


Tech Insider was lucky enough to get to stream with Player Unknown himself the other day and the fine folks at reddit summarized the list below on what was stated:

  • More cosmetics will be added soon and there will be no paid-content until after release.
  • Lots of great content to come but their main focus is to work as fast they can on patches for both framerates and server lag.
  • Have devs looking at the console platform and it’s going to happen, but not until the PC version is fully done.
  • Bullet drop and spread mechanics are still a work in progress.
  • Weapon damage and armor stats are still a work in progress (they’re close to where they want to be but obviously will continue balancing/fixing damage done.)
  • Would like to add 1 weapon a month until release.
  • Directional audio is still a work in progress and a huge focus. The main dev on this feature is an ex CS pro-tier player.
  • Still hotfixing tons of those crappy falling animation glitches every day (you can see the build number change nearly every game you are in at the bottom middle of screen, version number).
  • He loves seeing the funny game modes already popping up in Customs. One Korean streamer has a makeshift Zombie mode where 1 squad is allowed to get melee weapons and 92 others have to use their fists attempting to kill the squad. Goldeneye where it’s first person only, no armor no meds, and only pistols. Or “where’s waldo?” 1 player dresses up in the red/white striped tee shirt and tries to hide from the other 99 players. Sounds fun 🙂
  • Adding more the point above, they will definitely add more options to the customs mode over time so when it goes public, we all get a chance to create some fun rulesets. He mentioned being able to remove the blue zone completely and make it a free roam map. Also thinks car races around the map would be fun too, once more options and mods come! (and less “car humping” bugs. his words, not mine lol)
  • “Map is meant to be sort of a forgotten island somewhere in the black sea and Soviets during the war to use as a military base.. then was abandoned due to an “accident”. Basic gist of it. PU big fan of brutalist architecture and very proud of the map. If you didn’t know the map is named “Erangel” in relation to PU’s daughter Eireann.
  • Even more variety will be trickled into the current map so we have a few more interior models and such.
  • They now have 2 new members of the team that are officially “data scientists” and came from Bluehole’s MMO studio. They’re now analyzing the huge piles of data from the last couple months and will help being tweaking and balancing everything from car speed to parachute distances to gun damage. That is super exciting!
  • PU has always had faith that this genre could be done right and be a massively popular game. But he didn’t expect 2 million copies so quickly and even though that puts a ton of pressure on his shoulders, he’s at peace because of his “incredible” dev team. It will be good.
  • Host says “and for an early access game I’ve been very surprised how well it runs as I’ve not seen any crashes personally –” PU chimes in “Well for you that’s great! But there are some people that have been crashing constantly and we truly, sincerely, apologize to those people and are working very hard to get those issues patched immediately. 90% of players might have no crashing issues but we need that to be as close to 100% as possible. Always send reports!”
  • They’re constantly brainstorming circle speed ideas and firmly believe the only thing that should kill you is other players (if playing within the basic rules). Changes will come soon to circle speeds and new mechanics may be tested.

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