Destiny 2 Reveal Wish list

We are one week away from Destiny 2 being revealed. One. Week. Away.

This is a momentous occasion of a few reasons. First, Destiny, as a game has been in the same state, mechanically, since 2013 when it was first shown off. I played the Alpha build of Destiny in June of 2014 and as I log on today, May 11 2017, nothing has changed mechanically or aesthetically, so the thought of a NEW Destiny coming out is incredible. Destiny was also build on last gen tech so seeing Destiny 2 being fully “current gen” is unbelievable.

Here are some of the changes I anticipate for Destiny 2:

  • GRAPHICAL OVERHAUL: Destiny is in need of a face lift and I think this will be the most notable changes we see. I can see this being like the change from Halo 3 to 4 in terms of looks (not gameplay, we don’t talk about Halo 4 gameplay on this site).
  • Clamber or mount mechanic: Destiny came out on the tail end of boots on the ground shooters and Destiny was the first with a crazy jump mechanic, however, in Destiny you would jump near a ledge and bounce off and I think that’s whats going to change. I think Bungie will take a page out of Halo 5 and add some sort of a clamber mechanic to get up walls if you come up short.
  • “Lived-in” Ship: I think your ship will play more of a role in Destiny 2 and will almost serve as your hub, especially since the Tower has gone down the shitter (Thanks Gary).
  • New Supers: Out with the old, in with the new. Destiny 2 won’t have the same Sunsinger, Golden gun, Bubble bro, I think each character will introduce an entirely new set of supers.
  • Character Builds will be meaningful: Characters builds will actually mean something this time around. I think they will throw out the intellect, discipline, strength rolls and will incorporate something more meaningful than grenade cool downs. I also think they’ll go more in depth with set builds IE Diablo.
  • RANKED PvP: Don’t @ me, bruh. I think we’ll see a Halo 2 style rank playlist for PvP players. You can get loot whilst you rank up, Iron banner will still be a thing but having an actual ranked playlist 7 days a week would be lovely.
  • NPC’s | Side Quests: Both will be very important to the success of the game. I think the entireity of Destiny 1 is being reworked and we’ll now have roaming NPC’s and sidequests available on each planet to allow us to have a truly open world shared experience.

Those are just a few things that I expect to see come May 18th. Obvious things like weapons, engrams, ect are things I didn’t want to include because they seemed obvious.

What do you expect to see during the reveal?







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  1. There is certainly a great deal to learn about this topic. I really like all of the points you have made.


    1. Matt Mills says:

      Thank you! As a fan of the franchise, I’m very interested in which direction it will go. It’s rare to see a game last 3-4 years nowadays with no sequel.


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