Gamebattles is now integrated into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

For those who are unaware, Gamebattles is a way for players to play compete in online ranked matches against others in a ladder style format for ranks.

Gamebattles is found through and that’s where the ladders and matches are typically posted. If you wanted to find a match, you would create a team and search for an opponent. Once the match is accepted you will be shown the maps you will be playing, rules, and your opponents gamertags. Then you will send your opponents game invites and once the series is complete you will submit the results to the site and find another match.

As you can see by that text, it’s quite the process to get matches set up and going, especially for console players that might not be playing next to a PC or laptop. With the announcement of Gamebattles being fully implemented into Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is massive. It’s almost monumental (if the game wasn’t a dumpster fire).

Now players have a fully fledged out competitive ranking system and game mode without having to leave the game or run into issues with people not reporting matches. One can only hope that this is added into Call of Duty WWII at launch and not something we’ll have to wait 9 months to access.

Major League Gaming is happy to announce that GameBattles competitors can enjoy direct integration with Call of Duty® Infinite Warfare beginning today. Over the course of this BETA, GameBattles competitors will have access to an updated feature set that will include automatic lobby creation with specific ruleset, maps and modes, as well as post-game match reporting directly from the game.

Select Tournaments and Ladders will be available starting today, and more details can be found here.

During the BETA period, we encourage you to provide your feedback at as we continue to refine and improve the GameBattles experience for the community.

If you don’t already have a GameBattles account, you can create one here.

For the latest intel on the Call of Duty  World League , please visit follow @CODWorldLeague on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.








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