Championship Sunday | eSports

It’s Sunday night around 9p.m and my brother and I decided to turn on Twitch and catch the end of the Halo finals. It was the championship final of the UMG Daytona event with $75k on the line, Team EnVyUS were up against the number 1 seed OpTic Gaming.

The series ended up going 2 best of 7’s and saw nV complete the comeback and beat the reigning number 1 team in the world 4-3 in the series. The two teams went blow for blow with each other like prize fighters. nV would take the lead, then OpTic would storm back and vice versa. It was truly gripping stuff, you found yourself at the edge of your seat trying to see who was going to come out on top. 25k people we watching it all unfold and they were not disappointed.

Once Halo finished up I went back to the homepage of Twitch and saw there was a Smash tournament going on and 50k people were tuning in. I switched over to that to see that the finals were just about to start. It was Mang0 v. Armada, a solid match-up between 2 “Smash gods” with Armada being undoubtedly the best in the world currently.

At this point I went and made some popcorn as I knew we’d be into some fireworks. Similar to Halo, Mang0, like nV, was the underdog and had to win 2 series to beat Armada. Both fighters went at each other game for game and Mang0 ended up winning the first set 3-2. The second set was equally as close and somehow even more thrilling. Mang0 closed out the series 3-2 in the second set to be crowned champion.

This is eSports.

This is championship Sunday.

A phrase most known in golf has been adopted by eSports. Most eSports tournaments start on a Friday or Saturday and always end with a final on Sunday. This is the beauty of eSports. Each Sunday, across a multitude of games, genres and platforms a championship could be played. The best in the world could be playing for hundreds of thousands, if not millions each Sunday. What’s better than that?

This Sunday alone I watched a Halo (FPS) final played on Xbox’s and a Smash Bros. (Fighting game) final played on Gamecubes and CRTv’s.

This would be like if the NBA finals game 7 and super bowl could wind up on the same day. Granted, they aren’t as popular (yet) and the money on the line isn’t as significant (yet). It still makes for enticing and as thrilling of a spectacle as any physical sport I’ve seen.

This past Sunday was when I finally had my “aha” moment of what makes eSports beautiful. That is why I challenge you, the reader. If you aren’t a fan of eSports, or competitive gaming, watch a match or 2 of your favorite game on a Sunday and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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