[EPL] Arsenal 4 Stoke 1


Arsenal 4 Stoke 1. This match early on could have gone either way and as a pesimistic Arsenal supporter, after Crouch’s goal in the 66th minute I found myself telling my friends this match has a 2-2 draw written all over it.


This was not the case and Arsenal went on to cruise to a 4-1 victory with goals by Sanchez, Ozil and 2 from Giroud. Brilliant goals, and a brilliant result as the chase for 4th is still on. This is life of an Arsenal supporter.

Our hopes remain slim but as of writing this we need to surely win on Wednesday than it all falls to Sunday. Liverpool would have to draw or lose to Middlesbrough (already relegated) and we would have to beat Everton.

So last minute of us. So typical.

Like anything in life, this is what happens when you leave shit late. When you wait till the last minute to perform a task you get stuck relying on things you shouldn’t have to. We are surely a top 4 side but we waddled in our own self pity for most of 2017 and now have to rely on an already relegated side in order to make champions league next year. It’s not ideal but it does sum up Arsenal under Wenger these past 8-10 years.

Win at home against Sunderland on Wednesday and Sunday will take 10-15 years off every gooner out there.

Come on you Gunners!















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