Gym Free Agency

So on Saturday May 6th, I filed for Gym ‘Free Agency.’ For those unfamiliar, this is when you leave the gym you’ve been contractually obligated to go to for X amount of time and are in the market for something new. Gym Free Agency is scary yet exciting.

Easiest way to describe becoming a gym free agent after 6 years of going to the same gym is….Joining a new gym is like if you switched High School’s going into your senior year. You go from knowing every staff member, knowing the good times to go, knowing the faces and equipment at the gym each day to knowing no one and nothing about the gym. So what’s it like joining a new gym for the first time in 6 years?

Let’s go through the day.

First day for school | Gym

You’re getting ready in the morning and make sure you have your best attire on | You pack your gym bag up for work, making sure you got the shirt you look best in + a fresh pair of sneakers….adidas NMD’s.

You get to your first class and don’t know anyone, so you sit in the back of the class and just try and pay attention while also scanning the class room for friendly people | You try and find a space away from everyone so you don’t ruffle any feathers early, you scan the gym for the who’s who of people at the gym.

You get to lunch and you look around the cafeteria, you find an open spot and you take it. You mark your territory with your lunch box and stay head down eating and interacting here and there if people sit by you. | You head to the free weight section and find an open bench to start your workout. You mark your territory with your shaker cup and stay head down into your music, only interacting with others if asked to help spot.

After lunch, you make your way to your next set of classes hoping to end the day strong | After you dominate the free weight section, you’re ready to move on to more advanced workouts and maybe conquer the bench or squat rack (depending on the day).

The bell rings and classes are over for the day, the anxiety of your first day is done and although you didn’t talk to anyone or make friends with anyone, you think you might be happy at this new school. | Your first workout is now complete, although you didn’t run on the treadmill for fear of only running a mile and seeming too out of shape for the gym members you felt comfortable there and know that given time, you will be the strongest person there.

My first day at my new gym was a struggle but I’m happy that I changed gyms and went with something new. It’s a new motivation and sometimes you need a little bit of changes in your life to kick start things.

I can happily announce now that I am no longer a free agent. I have signed a 1-year contract with Retro Fitness and couldn’t be more excited to get going. My goal, as it is each year, is to win Champions League. I want to win the top trophy and be part of the best team. Planet fitness, when I first signed, was on the come up but after years meddling around in the mid table I decided to make my move to a champions league contender.







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