Halo 3 Beta Anniversary!


On this day 10 years ago we were blessed with the Halo 3 BETA. This beta consisted of 3 maps, Vahalla, Snowbound and High Ground. The beta was our first introduction to things like the brute shot, mongoose, spike grenade and a few of the abilities.

Halo 3 was a monumental success for the franchise and an overall quality game. Some may say it was the last high point we’ve had.

I’ll never forget the early days of the beta and constantly just wanting to play the map High Ground. In as multiplayer game, having a map like High Ground was so unique. One team would spawn on the beach and the other team would spawn inside the base and it was a battle of who could hold the ground. I had some of my most fond memories of the game on that map. Whether I was storming the base with a sniper, flying around on a ghost looking for splatter sprees or sitting top the base with a spartan laser.

This beta being 10 years old is funny to look back on now. In 2017 we now have Bungie, 2 days away from unveiling their next step in the Destiny universe. While Halo is coming off an incredible weekend in Halo eSports, the franchise is at a bit of a stand still. Microsoft recently came out and said there will be no Halo 3 anniversary game this year (unfortunate).


What were some of your most fond memories of the beta? Let me know in the comments below!




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