[EPL] Arsenal 3 Everton 1


It’s over.

The season, the pain, the penalties, the 10 goals against Bayern, the botched season around February, the 20 consecutive seasons in the champions league, it’s all done and dusted.

WELLL we do still have the FA cup final against Chelsea on Saturday to worry about, right? Right? My pessimism for this final is seeping through this words so I’ll just end it hear, Come on you Gunners!!

Arsenal started bright in the match and looked to win 110-0 by final whistle, Hector Bellerin scored the opener and you’re thinking….what can go wrong?

Oh, how about a Koscielny red card in the 14th minute -_- With Koscielny gone, we are on our back heels already and this match is turning into a typical Arsenal match. Dominate an opponent then do something real real stupid and have to fight harder for a result. Luckily Everton left their shooting boots at home and we saw out a rather comfortable result.

As the first half came to a close we knew our fate was sealed to 5th place, no more 4th place trophy jokes, no more ‘same old Arsenal,’ no more champions league. Liverpool had an opener against Borough and than added 2 more early in the second half.

Although our season ended on the back of 4 straight win’s we still feel short of making it to Champions League.

In other news, Koscielny is now out for that final after his red card on Sunday. Was Sunday the last we’ll see of Alexis Sanchez in an Arsenal kit? Or Mesut Ozil for that matter? That all remains to be seen.

All-in-all, I plan on recapping the season post FA Cup. We will discuss matters like Arsene Wenger, Stan Kronke being a shit and where we’ll go from here.

At the end of the day we finished with 4 wins on the bounce and have an FA cup final in a week, if it wasn’t for missing out on UCL this season would be par the course.














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