Exclusive In-game loot for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds through Twitch Prime


In Twitch’s latest efforts to improve and provide users with Twitch Prime content they have decided to add Battlegrounds loot to the fold starting on June 9th.

For those unaware, if you link your Amazon Prime subscription to your Twitch account you become a part of Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime, essentially, provides you with a free Twitch subscription to use on any streamer each month, ad-free viewing, and monthly loot for your favorite games.

Battlegrounds, a widely popular game, especially on Twitch is up to bat this month in the loot department. Starting June 9th you’ll be able to pick up exclusive Twitch themed clothing to wear in game (see below).


This is a brilliant move by Twitch. Up until now it seemed that all the games through Twitch Prime were just so-so and this is their first time hitting with a game that is destroying viewership rating on Twitch and player counts alike on Steam.

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, make sure to link those Twitch accounts to it and start getting your rewards today!
















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