E3 day one


So E3 day one is now complete. What an experience. I know it’s just the start of the convention but one day was enough for me to fall in love….all over again….with the games industry. It’s hard to put into words how cool it is to be surrounded by like minded people who share you’re same passion about an ever growing industry. 

I was able to link up with people from past shows and meet up with some industry friends I’ve met through social ,edits and gaming. On top of that it’s the Mecca of gaming. All the new releases, demos and videos, all at your finger tips. 

As soon as I got in I had to explore every square foot of the show floor, each booth, each game, each company and get a lay of the land. Than it became about planning and who I needed to see. I finished up my schedule and then proceeded on…


-Marvel v. Capcom Infinite: main stage 

-behind close doors events 

-destiny 2 PC

-DBZ fightersZ




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