Xbox One X v. Gaming PC 


My feelings have flip flopped on this topic quite a bit of late, and now that the console is out in the wild I think it’s time to dig into it. I keep getting asked “should I get an Xbox one X” and my response has always been simple, just get a beefy PC, spend some extra $ if you can afford, and have a powerful computer that you can upgrade overtime and play multi platform games and still have access to all of Microsoft’s exclusives.

However, what I’m realizing is the decision isn’t as black and white as that. If you asked me 5 years ago I would have preordered the X and been freaking out more than I am currently. Plus, $500 as an entry point for a console that does 4K 60fps stable is really impressive. Plus it’s sleek, and reminds me of when the 360 made the bump to elite.

This quote from PC Gamer hits home to me. “The Xbox One X is an impressively powerful small form factor system, with graphics power that rivals a decent PC graphics card and a CPU that falls short of what we’d expect from a gaming PC. It would be hard to build a gaming PC this compact at the same price, but as always, a gaming PC will be a more versatile system.”

There’s so much more to this debate however. Some people prefer their computers stay computers, and their consoles stay consoles. Some people enjoy the fact that they download or put a disc in to a console and it just works. PC, you’ll run into issues with drivers not being updated, or little glitches that usually you won’t find on consoles. The simplicity of a gamer is what Microsoft is after.

Microsoft isn’t targeting me with this console and that’s okay. They are targeting their fan base and console gamers in general that want a more PC feel, without the PC. If you own a high-end PC, Microsoft is saying “great, play our games on your nice PC.” If you don’t want a nice PC, than buy an Xbox One X.

The only issue that Microsoft will continue to struggle with is games. They don’t have the library of a Sony or a Nintendo. With the PS4 Pro it almost makes sense to upgrade because you’ll get Horizon, Ni-oh, Nier and others with PS4 Pro support just in 2017 alone that you can’t experience on Xbox or PC for that matter (besides Nier). With Microsoft you’re sort of stuck with whatever third party titles are released with Scorpio.

I’m always going to be biased towards a gaming PC as someone who left console gaming in the dust a few years back but that doesn’t mean this console doesn’t have a place. 

Only time will tell how this console will shape up. At $500 Microsoft is asking a lot from it’s passionate fan-base. However, I don’t believe anyone who purchases one will be left disappointed. The debate will rage on from Xbox fan boys about their console compared to a PC, even if it’s not really a fair fight. 

I am happy that this console does a exist, and if you are a console gamer you should be exicited. There’s not a better time to be a gamer. 

Will you be picking one up? If so, let me know in the comments below why!














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