So I played Destiny 2 and it was, well, pretty great. There were some notable changes that I wanted to discuss from a PvP perspective. Most of the story stuff I saw and played felt like Destiny 1 just more beefy and almost a perfected version of what we got in the Taken King. Multiplayer has been changed for the better. Here’s what I noticed:

  • Longer cool downs on grenades: This was good! In Destiny 1 you were able to spam grenades almost every 30 seconds, this lead to a cancerous crucible with people just spamming stickies every 30 seconds for kills. By not allowing players to spam nades the PvP felt slower (for the better).
  • No more heavy!!: Another quality change. My main issue with Destiny 1 was always the special weapons. In a game like halo a sniper or shotgun was a POWER weapon. They were weapons that actively made you more powerful. In Destiny 1 you would spawn with a sniper or shotgun with full ammo which led to PvP being mainly shotgun players flying around the map from the jump like a Call of Duty or a camper sniping. The funny part with this was it took you out of the zone that made Destiny great, the gun play. In Destiny 2 the gun play is more relevant than ever as you now spawn with 2 primary weapons so gun battles will take more skill, will be a bit slower, and won’t be solely focused on power weapons.
  • 4v4 PvP: This is Bungie getting back to it’s basics with 4v4 PvP. This was a needed change as in Destiny 1 you had some maps better suited for CQC (close quarters combat) whilst others were so big that even 6v6 felt like too little of players. In Destiny 2 Bungie is going full stop on 4v4 and having that as it’s main stay so maps were made strictly around 4v4 and not an alternating 3v3 or 6v6. You could feel it in the alpha build we were playing that the maps felt just right and gave you enough space to move around yet still always just a few steps away from a gun fight.
  • Roaming Supers: I was fortunate enough to play as the new Warlock subclass, the Dawnblade. This gave me an opportunity to try out it’s new super, in which you get a giant flame sword and hurl flames at the enemies. It felt exactly like playing as a hammer titan. Gone are the days of self-res and bubble titans, now you have to always be ready for a super to be popped for kills. Cadpture
  • Map UI: The new map UI is great for new and old players alike. Now you can see who on the enemy team has their supers readily available, while also seeing things like map locations pop up in the corner. That way you can never miss a call out when trying to tell your teammates your position.


Bungie has revealed its plans for the Destiny 2 beta, stating that the multiplayer beta for the game would be available for those who pre-order the game starting July 18 at 10 am PDT, but only on the PlayStation 4. 

The Destiny 2 beta will then open up for Xbox One pre-order purchasers a day later on July 19, before opening up to everyone, no matter if they pre-ordered the game or not, on July 21 at 10 am PDT. The Destiny 2 beta will end on July 23 at the same time. A PC Destiny 2 beta is currently being planned for August, with Bungie stating that they would have more information on this soon.

Destiny 2 will release on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 6th.

Destiny 2 will release October 24th.
















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