It’s time we take Turtle Beach serious

Astralis has now signed with headset manufacturer, Turtle Beach. In part of this partnership, Astralis will help Turtle Beach build out a headset strictly for it’s PC community. This will be similar in how OpTic helped shape their Elite Pro headset.

What a grab for TB! Astralis is one of the premier CS:Go team and the current #1 ranked team in the world. Turtle Beach, who prior to their sponsorship with OpTic gaming was more so seen as the laughing stock of gaming headsets. Before the Elite Pro’s TB was producing realitively low-end and low budget headsets. Turtle Beaches were always a lot of peoples “starter” headset.

Seeing Turtle Beach snatch of both OpTic and FaZe in 2016 then adding the likes of Spylce, Wolfsburg, Dr. Disrespect and now Astralis are all massive gets. It really shows how serious Turtle Beach is taking both eSports and it’s headsets moving forward.

It’s a hell of a move for Turtle Beach and it seems to be paying off well for them. As someone who is die hard Astro Gaming to my core, even I am tempted by the Elite Pro headsets and what they could be crafting up with Astralis.

The best part of these moves is that they aren’t just signing up any and all pro teams, they are targeted. They are going after the best console eSports org in OpTic, the best CS team in Astralis, a team in Wolfsburg that’s literally part of the Bundesliga side VF Wolfsburg, one of the best orgs in Splyce, and from a content + eSports perspective the best in the world in FaZe. They have also added one of (if not) the top streamer on Twitch in Dr. Disrespect.

Turtle Beach is pulling in true class to influence not only their top tier headsets but their brand overall. This is marketing 101 in 2017, folks. It’s time to start taking Turtle Beach serious.

I think I may just buy a pair today.


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