Top 5 E3 Survival Tips [2017 edition]



E3 2017 was madness bottled up in a few convention halls out in sunny Los Angeles. I read a lot on twitter pre and post show from press and influencers alike how it was going to be crazy and that a lot of “fans” did not anticipate what exactly the were getting into. As someone who attended E3, I am here to assure you that it was a FUN time and well worth the high(ish) price of admission. As a man who has lived to tell his E3 tale I am here to guide you on how YOU can survive E3 in 2018!

Below are a few of my top points to survive the eventual “open to the public” E3 2018:

  1. Purell

    Bring loads of it, even scented if you’d like. The truth is you’re going to be touching a lot of controllers, keyboards, mice (not the animal), hands, people, etc. No one wants the sickness that follows a convention. Purell up, bruh.

  2. Make a schedule and prepare to wait

    E3, like Pax, and other conventions involve a lot of lines. Get the glamor E3 thoughts OUT of your head. You won’t just walk up and insta-play any game you’d like. You have to wait, sometimes wait for 3(ish) hours. In order to assure you see everything you want to see, plan the day around 2-3 games each day. On day one set your targets and say “Day one I’ll see Call of Duty and Dragon Ball. Day 2 will be Destiny and Mario” etc etc etc. Follow this and you won’t be disappointed in the waiting.

  3. Embrace the industry

    Take it all in! Don’t just go to E3 to play games. Go to E3 and take in the entirety of it, take in the work that these Devs put in for these games. Take in the booths and their structures. Take in the fact that you’re surrounded by 60,000 people who share the same passion that you share for a budding, ever growing industry. This was what made my E3 experience second to none. That first walk in and seeing all the booths and massive E3 sign, the people lining up at a chance to play Mario Odyssy. The conversations with strangers from all over the world gathered in the same place for the same reasons, each with their own story. The community is what makes these shows worth it. Embrace it and don’t forget it.

  4. Pre Show | After Parties

    This one is probably under used but should be a priority. There’s A LOT of stuff happening around E3 that isn’t part of the badges you receive. This year alone you had EA plays, Bethesda world, and a few others going on the weekend prior. Most of them are free but you had to hit the sign up date in advanced of the convention. Make sure you sign up for these! These are usually a bit more intimate than actual E3 and give you more gaming things to do aside from the standard 10-6 in the convention halls. The other is after parties, some of which you won’t be invited to and others that you can just by signing up. I was lucky to attend an Astro gaming one on Wednesday night and it was awesome! It’s always fun to grab a drink and hang out with people in the industry. I mean, what else are you going to do the nights after the convention lets out?

  5. Play any and everything

    This one should go without question but don’t go to E3 just to sit on line for Mario. Play everything, try and indie game, play Sonic, play something out of your comfort zone. These developers worked their asses off to present you with a verticle slice of their game to get feedback on. They don’t just want passionate fans playing, they want casual and first timers. Just because a game isn’t exactly “for you” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot! Play everything.

This ones just a bonus one I’ll throw out there. If you go to E3 just to “play the new games” you will be supremely disappointed. Go with intent on getting into the games industry. Go with the intent to meet people and network. Go enjoy games as a culture. E3 is more than just playing games. It’s an industry focused convention and it deserves to be treated as such.

















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