Who am I?

New year, new ‘about me’ section.

My name is Matt, I’m 26 years old and this is my website. This site is dedicated mainly to the Video game industry as well as eSports and the competitive side of gaming in general. Some of the main posts you will find on my site are Game Reviews, Game Updates (Patch notes yay), Game Releases, eSports tournaments, and general game discussions. I will spend more time on certain games, mainly FPS titles, than others as it’s more in my wheel house. I follow a plethora of eSports titles so games like CS:Go, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Halo ect. will probably have more showtime on the site.

There is also a short section on Football (Soccer). You’ll find occasional rants on the beautiful game but mainly just summaries of the latest Arsenal matches. COYG

My intent with this website is the same reason I start most my projects. I have a voice and an opinion on things I’m passionate about and want to share it and have conversations with an audience.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Follow me here:

Twitter: @RealMattMills

Instagram: @RealMattMills




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